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photoshoot art + art direction for interior designers

"No interior is complete without art. No picture is complete without art direction."

art + art direction:
why you need a photoshoot stylist

Trained originally in graphic design and having previously worked as an editorial art director, Melinda Cox has partnered with Candita Clayton Gallery to offer interior designers photoshoot styling with one-of-a-kind fine art, handmade accessories, sculpture, and textiles to produce magazine quality photos.

As talented as you may be as an interior designer you may not be skilled in styling your shoot for the camera lens where scale and proportions read differently. As your photoshoot styling partners, we will help you build a narrative for the shoot and bring the story of the entire home together. Our expertise and shared experience - art and art direction - are the perfect match to make pictures that sing.

We understand that sourcing props is only a small part of the professional styling experience. We will save you time, money, and stress in the days leading up to and including your shoot by helping you craft the perfect shot list and making sure you have all the necessary props, art, and accessories for elevated, stunning pictures. The highly curated experience adds depth and layering to yield an abundance of content for “detail shots” that can be used for print features, social media, and your website.

And, the best part? Candita Clayton Gallery offers interior designers a commission on all art and the one-of-a-kind hand-made objects that sell through to your clients. In our past photoshoots, 75% or more of the art and accessories have sold - offsetting much of your photography fees. 

Included are New England artists working in the
styles of:

  • abstraction
  • geometric
  • figurative
  • landscape
  • photography
  • hand blown glass objects
  • hand thrown ceramics
  • hand printed textiles

Fees for the day of styling range from $800 to $1,000. Styling packages can be tailored for your project. We invite you to email or to schedule an informational call.

Please visit the Candita Clayton Gallery website to learn more about Candita and the artists she represents.


"Collaborating with Candita Clayton and Melinda Cox on styling interior design photo shoots has been an unparalleled experience. Their ability to incorporate one-of-a-kind art and accessories into each setting brings a level of sophistication and uniqueness to my photography that is truly rare. The art pieces Candita selects are not just decorations; they are stories, emotions, and conversations captured in form and color. Melinda’s flair for accessorizing spaces with these unique elements creates a visual harmony that translates beautifully on camera. Every photo shoot is a journey into creativity, where the ordinary becomes extraordinary through their artistic vision. As a photographer, this collaboration allows me to capture not just images, but the essence of exceptional design and artistry." — Robyn Ivy